Friday, April 26, 2013

How to completely remodel a bedroom for under $600

So last week my wife and I decided to do some remodeling. The old room connected to the kitchen was small and the kitchen had a closet and breakfast nook. Originally we were going to just put drywall on the new wall and paint the paneling but that all changed.

Shopping List
  • 2x4 studs 2.50 ea
  • 4x8 sheets 1/2 inch drywall 6.25 ea
  • 1 5/8 drywall screws 5lb box 13.00
  • vapor barrier 15.00
  • 2 bags 45 minute Mud/ joint compound 6.00 per bag
  • Plush carpet .99 sq ft
  • kilz primer 15.00
  • Paint 20.00 or 5-10 if you buy the screw up colors
  • Pine 1x4s for trim 1.50 ea
  • 32" Solid Core Pre hung Primed Door 40.00
  • Shims 1.00
  • Door knob 6.00

  • Hammer
  • screwgun
  • screwdriver
  • wonderbar
  • utility knife
  • needle nose pliers
  • air compressor
  • wire strippers
  • nailer
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • chalk line
  • miter saw
  • level
  • chisel
  • Mud Knife
  • Mud Pan

I started this project by knocking out the wall with the closet. Then I built a flat wall and moved it oiut about 2 feet to make the new room 10x12 overall. I then proceeded to strip the paneling from the walls. I took this time as an opportunity to run new wiring for the whole room and new outlets and fixtures. After this is done go up and down all the studs and pound the staples and nails in. Staple vapor barrier all the way around the room.
The next step is to put the drywall up. Use 1/2 inch drywall minimum otherwise you might as well just leave the paneling in place. Drywall is easy to install, set it in place and screw it in just be sure the screws don't go through the paper. To cut drywall score it with a utility knife and break at the score then cut the back side.
Once your drywall is all in place start taping your corners and seams. Use mesh tape on the seams and paper tape folded in half on all the corners. Run mud along both sides of the corner and push the tape into it. Finally run a mud knife over the tape to remove all excess mud. For the seams you only need to run mud over top of it. For screw holes use a medium sized mud knife and mud smooth over it. You will need at least three coats of mud to blend everything. After the mudding is done sand everything completely smooth and feather all the edges. If you can feel it sand it smooth.
Texture is next. Either spray it or roll it on and allow it to dry. If you choose not to texture be sure everything is extra smooth and do a final check to be sure you have filled everything and sanded everything perfectly smooth. Prime the fresh drywall with kilz or other primer, allow it to dry, and apply at least two coats of paint.
The floor is the next step. Remove any mud that fell on the floor, pound in any nails, and remove anything that is not completely with the rest of the floor. If you have had a leak in this room check your subfloor to be sure it is still solid. Older trailers used particle board for a subfloor and it will swell and rot quickly once you have a leak. If you determine it is necessary to replace a part of the floor save yourself the trouble and just resheet the whole floor right over top of the old floor. After the subfloor is good lay out the carpet and cut it 1/8th of an inch smaller than needed. If the carpet is tight to the wall you will have problems with bubbles and wrinkles.
The last step is to install your trim. Trim can be purchased cheaply if you just use pine 1x4 and paint it. I prefer oak trim but I am on a budget so painted trim is fine by me. Install your door, closet doors, fan or other light, outlet covers, and trim all the way around the room. When you install the trim press it tight to the wall and push down on the top of it so it will help to keep the carpet in place. You don't need very big nails about 1 1/4" should hold just fine.
Now that the bedroom is remodeled step back and admire your work. Remodeling doesn't have to cost a fortune to look great.

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